3-way floorstanding speaker

FinkTeams WM-4 is a three-way loudspeaker. It works with a 380 mm (15”) woofer, two 140 mm (5.5”) flat membrane midrange drivers and an Air Motion Transformer (AMT) as tweeter. Its cabinet consists of two separate chambers.

The tweeter is mounted in a D’Appolito arrangement between the two midrange drivers in the upper part of the cabinet. To reduce unwanted diffraction effects, the edges are bevelled several times.

In the lower chamber, the woofer is supported by a large forward radiating bass reflex port.

The WM-4 combines wide bandwidth (30 Hz – 30 kHz) with good efficiency (90 dB). Thanks to its impedance of 6 ohms on average, it produces only very slight electrical phase shifts. For the ideal adaptation to tube amplifiers, WM-4 operators have an optional impedance compensator available. This reduces fluctuations in impedance and thus errors in frequency response caused by the high internal resistance of some tube amplifiers.

FinkTeams WM-4 is a speaker with two extraordinary capabilities: First, it is able to detect the slightest changes in the connected components. This makes it an outstanding analytical “tool”. Secondly – and this is unusual for a reference-level listening monitor – the WM-4 plays any kind of music in a totally enjoyable, engaging and highly communicative way.

Thanks to the rarely encountered combination of analytics and musicality, and its exceptionally wide dynamic range with minimal distortion, the WM-4 offers the highest quality sound.

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Technical data
Frequency range: 30 Hz – 30 kHz, −6 dB
Average Impedance: 6,5 Ω (6,2 Ω with optional impedance compensator)
Minimum impedance: 4,1 Ω
Sensitivity: 90 dB SPL bei 1 m mit 2,83 Vrms input signal
Distortion <0,2 % Klirrfaktor bei 90 dB SPL
Crossover frequency: < 0,02 % / 1 kHz, 5 W
Bass Unit: 380 mm ø (15')', designed and manufactured by FINKTEAM
Midrange: 2 x 140 mm ø (5,5''), designed and manufactured by FINKTEAM
HF Unit: 1260 mm2 AMT (Mundorf)
Connections: Mundorf silver plated pure copper
Dimensions (HxWxD): 1.420 x 450 x 580 mm
Weight: 135 kg
Finishes: surfaces to order