2-way speaker

The idea of the 3rd speaker model from the Fink Team was to find a housing shape and size that could be easily integrated into living spaces. We decided that the height of the loudspeaker should integrate with other things in a living room that is no higher than the windowsill, chairs, tables, sideboards, etc. The cabinet should be the right size for an 8″ woofer. The result is a rectangular main enclosure and a front baffle that provides a shape that minimises diffraction problems of drivers.

Due to the low height of the design, the FinkTeam KIM speaker is tilted on its special stand, ensuring that the soundstage is the correct height and size in a normal listening position. It is still possible to adjust the angle if the listener is closer or further away from the speakers. Because the stand is so important for the final sound, it is supplied together with the speaker. The stand is made of stainless steel and has only very small areas that could emit resonance and is light enough not to store energy.

A set of terminals made of pure copper is used for the connection plate. It follows the philosophy that one good cable sounds better than two if you want to afford a better cable quality. To adapt to different amplifiers, the attenuation of the woofer can be changed and a second switch adjusts the HF level.

The crossover of the Fink Team KIM follows the tradition of the Linkwitz-Riley 4th order filter at low 2,200 Hz, the AMT is also connected via a passive delay to adjust the phase in relation to the woofer. Air cores were used for all the main inductors and capacitors; they are a mixture of Mundorf components and some components specially made for FinkTeam to correct the tonal balance. The resistors are all low inductance bifilar types, all custom made with copper wire and low tolerance.

The woofer uses a paper cone, this time with a rubber surround. With an 8″ driver it is not possible to use corrugated fabric as bead material without too many compromises. In order to bring the resonance frequency to the level required for the cabinet, it would reduce the quality of the midrange and cause additional discolouration.

For the cabinet of the Fink Team KIM we have used all the tricks and knacks we have learned over the years. The walls consist of two panels with the latest damping glue in between, the struts are all carefully optimised and resonators have been added to avoid standing wave modes without spoiling the fun of the speaker with excessive damping material. The bass reflex port is integrated into the rear panel.

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  • Recommended retail price per pair: 11.990,- € (including feet)
Technical data
Frequency range: 35 Hz - 25 kHz -10 dB
Average Impedance: 8 Ω
Minimum impedance: 5,9 Ω bei 160 Hz
Sensitivity: 86 dB bei 2,83 V / 1 m
Distortion: 0,2 % Distortion 1 W
Sensitivity: 2.200 Hz
Bass-midrange: 200 mm ø (8'') mit 37,8 mm big voice coil
HF-Unit: 110 mm AMT
Terminals High current screw terminals for 4 mm banana plugs or spades
Dimensions (HxWxD): 854 x 300 x 310 mm, 412 mm depth with foot
Weight 25,1 kg / piece
Standard finishes: Steel grey / Matt white, Matt black / Black, Black / Amarra, White / Walnut, Black / Walnut


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